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Our Obligations To You



The Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations  (CISRO) has put our a document that articulates the expectations for professional behaviour and conduct responsibilities of all  all insurance intermediaries including ourselves throughout Canada.  We are proud to adhere to all of the principles contained within the document.

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Did you know that Registered insurance brokers offer independent advice on Property and Causalty (P&C) insurance products from a variety of companies?  Brokers must be licensed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).  All RIBO licensees must carry an errors & ommissions policy, as well as a fidelity bond, which is designed to provide customers coverage in the unlikely event that a broker mishandles their premiums.  RIBO licensees are required to follow the RIBO Code of Conduct, which establishes rules and standards of professional conduct. 

To learn more open this Fact Sheet About Registered Insurance Brokers.

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