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  • Apr17Fri

    Covid-19 and Your Insurance Payment

    April 17, 2020

    If you are struggling with meeting your bill payments including your insurance bill during this difficult time contact your insurance provider.  Most insurance companies are dealing with payment issues on a case-by-case basis and are committed to working with their policy holders to help find a workable solution.


    Some of the notable actions being taken by Insurers are:


    1. Waiving NSF fees. Under normal circumstances, if your payment was returned to your insurer for (non-sufficient funds NSF) you would incur an NSF charge on your account. Right now most insurance companies are waiving these fees.  It’s important to note your still be responsible for paying the premium and your own banking institution may charge a fee.
    2. Payment deferrals.  Most companies are allowing up to a 30 day deferral on your insurance payment.  They will also explore other payment options to help provide flexibility during this challenging time.
    3. Suspending cancellations for non-payments.  You will still be responsible for paying the outstanding premium, but your coverage will not be cancelled for non-payment during this crisis.
    4. Declaration of Emergency endorsement.   Some property policies contain this endorsement which, as the result of the official state of emergency in Ontario, will extend the policy even if the renewal has not been received.
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