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Condo Insurance

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Your condominium is your home and also needs insurance.  The Condominium Corporation will have insurance to cover the building and all of the common elements such as the lobby, hallways, elevators, party rooms etc., but will it will not cover your contents any of the improvements made to your own unit.   


Common coverages found in a condominium insurance policy are:



This protects your personal belongings against insured perils such as fire, theft, vandalism and water damage.  Even if you do not own a lot of things it can be financially devastating to have to replace them all at once as the result of a loss.  Your contents includes pots and pans, kitchen utensils, clothing, furniture, area rugs, electronics, valuable artwork & collectibles, books, jewellery, sports equipment etc.


Living Expenses

This helps to pay for the additional cost to live somewhere else if you can’t live in your condominium as the result of an insured peril.  This could be the cost of a hotel room, additional meal costs or a longer term rental while your condo is being repaired.


Personal Liability

Personal liability provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage that you are responsible for.  Like owning a home you could be held responsible if someone is injured or something happens at your condo.  Imagine causing a fire or flooding and having that damage spread to other units.  The damage could be significant and  you on the hook for it.

Improvements and Betterments

In most cases the condo corporation is only responsible for the standard unit. Any betterment and improvements that have been made to your unit by yourself or previous owners is your responsibility.  This includes upgraded paint, cabinets, carpets, installation of additional interior walls etc.


Loss Assessments

Loss Assessments are special assessments made by   the Condominium Corporation to cover a direct loss to the collectively owned condominium property in the case that the condo corporations’ policy does not respond.  Loss assessments can also include occurrences that relate to liability as well.


Contingent Insurance

Contingent insurance is coverage for physical damage to your own unit in the case where the Condominium Corporation has no insurance, or its insurance is inadequate or not effective.   


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