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Advantages of Bundling Insurance


Here are the reasons why you should be considering bundling your insurance:


  • Savings. Most companies offer discounts when you have more than one policy with them.  The accumulation of the discounts can be significant and should not be overlooked.
  • Family Members.  Many companies will extend their discounts to family members living in the same household
  • Convenience.  Usually with combining the policies together you only have one renewal date to worry about.
  • Simplification.  There can be a reduction in the amount of paperwork which helps simplify the handling your own policy.
  • Only one company.  You don't have to deal with multiple insurance companies with different processes and rules.
  • Some companies only apply one deductible with the same claim involving multiply policies.
  • Exclusive coverages.  Some companies offer exclusive coverages for clients who insure both their home and car with them.
  • Customer Value.  Increase your value as a customer.  Having more than one policy with an insurance company helps to  give you more leverage should you ever need it.


How Much Can You Save By Bundling Home and Auto?


Insurance companies offer different rates and incentives for bundling policies together.  Here are some examples of some of the insurers that we work with.  Please note that they often change their programs so let our insurance specialist work out the best solution for you. 


Economical Insurance:

  • Save up to 10% on car and 15% on home

Gore Mutual:

  • Save up to 10% on car insurance

Intact Insurance:

  • Save up to 15% on car insurance and 5% on home
  • If you have a claim on both at the same time, a single deductible applies
  • The addition of other coverages, including travel and boat insurance to your bundle is optional

Travelers Canada:

  • Save up to 17.5% on your car insurance
  • Save up to 13% on your home policy


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