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  • Feb21Wed

    Flood Damage – Frequently asked questions

    February 21, 2018
    Flood Damage - Frequently asked questions
    Flood Damage - Frequently asked questions

    What should you do if there is an imminent threat of overland flooding?

    If overland flooding is imminent shut off electricity to areas of the home that may be affected. If possible, use sand bags, install flood shields or built-up barriers for basement windows and doors.

    Note: In imminent flooding situations, your safety is paramount and all evacuation orders and other official instructions should be followed.

    hat should you do if you have a claim?
    Call us or your insurer directly using their direct phone number.  For a list of phone numbers go to our on line claim center at  http://www.lddermody.com/support/claim-centre/

    Please try and mitigate as much damage as possible if it can be done safely, prior to the arrival of an adjuster or contractor.

    hen will you hear from a contractor?

    Contractors will call customers as soon possible to set appointments.   If there is something urgent you need to share contact your insurer directly in order to obtain the contractor’s phone number.

    How to dispose of debris?

    It depends on what you are disposing of. Some debris can be thrown out, other materials may require special pick up, which could be arranged by the municipality if a large area has been impacted and customers should check with their municipality for these types of notices.

    Remember to make a list and take pictures of everything that is damaged or thrown away (e.g. building samples such as flooring).

    How do you know what is covered

    In most cases your insurer will not be able to confirm coverage over the telephone as this will take some time.

    It is your responsibility to mitigate any damage. Should the loss not be covered, it will be your responsibility to repair the damages so if you don’t respond quickly, there could be coverage limitations for additional damage.

    hat if I need to leave my home?

    Most policies have Additional Living Expenses which will pay for any necessary and reasonable increase in living expenses while your dwelling is uninhabitable as the result of an insured loss, and until you can return home safely.

    Remember to retain all receipts as a result of this event and provide them to your adjuster, who will require them in order to evaluate the claim.

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