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  • May9Wed

    Vacancy, Are You Covered?

    May 9, 2018 L.D. Dermody Insurance Team
    Vacancy, are you covered?
    Vacancy, are you covered?

    Vacancy refers to the circumstance where, regardless of the presence of furnishings, all occupants have moved out with no intention of returning, or in the case of a newly constructed dwelling, no occupant has yet taken up residence.

    There are a number of circumstances that lead to vacant property: tenants move out, owners vacate their property early during the sale of their home or estates become vacant after an owners passing. When it comes to vacant properties there is an increased threat of theft, vandalism, fires, slip and falls and water damage. How do you make sure that you are covered?

    When your place becomes vacant:

    • Make sure to contact your insurance provide 30 days in advance of the vacancy.  This will allow enough time to arrange the appropriate coverage.
    • Most insurers will require a completed Vacancy Questionnaire in order to consider offering coverage.
    • Most insurers will not cover a loss or damage that occurs after a dwelling has been vacant for more than 30 consecutive days.


    Loss Prevention Tips for Vacant Dwellings:


    • Have a competent person check the home on a daily basis
    • Use automatic timers on interior lights and use motion-sensor lights on the outside
    • Install a monitored alarm system for theft, water, temperature,  fire and carbon monoxide
    • Turn off the water, unless it’s required for a hot water heating system
    • Drain the plumbing system and water appliances
    • Continue routine maintenance – cut grass, collect newspapers, remove snow, and add salt to premises and attached sidewalks.
    • Have the locks changed between tenants to prevent the previous tenants from re-entering.
    • Disconnect all appliances
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