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What's needed for a quote


In order to quote you a premium, we will require some basic information about:

  • you;
  • your vehicle;
  • your driving record;
  • your current broker, agent or insurance company; as well as
  • any other drivers.

It’s a good idea to have all this information on hand before you contact us. You must be accurate and honest, and advise us of any changes in your circumstances. Non-disclosure or misrepresentation of any facts could cause your policy to be null and void, and leave you without protection in the event of a claim. Also this could cause your future rates to go up and restrict the number of companies that will insure you.

Compare Quotes
There are a few things you need to know when shopping for automobile insurance.
Legitimacy: Remember, insurance can only be sold by a licenced broker, agent or insurance company in Ontario.

Rates: Rates may vary greatly from one company to another. It is our job as a broker to find a company that has competitive rates and the coverage that will meet your needs. We work for more than one company and can provide a comparison of different quotes.

Coverage: When comparing prices make sure you are comparing coverages as well. As a broker this is our expertise. While automobile insurance is standardized to some extent, there can be differences in coverage (for example: deductibles, limits and optional coverages). Make sure the coverages are comparable on each quote you receive. Different companies will also have different practices. You should question what the company's practices are in the event that you have an at-fault claim, obtain your first ticket or under what circumstances your insurance would not be renewed.

Service: You may get what you paid for. It is not always the right decision to buy the cheapest insurance policy you can find as the service may not be there. As a broker we can help you compare service as well as price.


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