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Cottage Insurance



Cottages come in many different flavours and have varying unique needs.  From the basic cabin to the 3 season cottage all the way to the fully renovated secondary home.  They can be located on a river, lake, island or deep in the woods with no road access. Owned by one person, multiple family members or even a corporation.  Given the vast array of differences between cottages it takes a specialist to make sure that you’re obtaining the right policy for your own situation.  That's where our cottage insurance specialist comes in.  We insure all manner of cottages throughout Ontario.  We know where to find the right policy at the right premium for you.


Features & benefits that are available:

  • Stand-alone policy
  • All Risk Coverage
  • Guaranteed Replacement cost
  • Replacement Cost on contents
  • Damage by bears
  • Damage as a result of snow load
  • Burglary and vandlaism
  • Allowance to rent cottage up to two weeks per year - longer periods available
  • US residents that are owners
  • Many, many discounts
Basic cottage on water

Seasonal Cottage Insurance

This is meant for basic cottages that are used up to 3 seasons.  This protects your seasonal  dwelling against basic fire and extended perils including storm damage.  Options include coverage for burglary and vandalism damage.
Four Season Cottage

Four Season Cottage Insurance

These insurance plans are meant for cottages that have been updated and insulated so that they can be used during the winter.  Available coverage is often broader than what is available for seasonal cottages.
Superior Cottage

Superior Cottage Insurance

The ultimate policies including secondary homeowner polices providing a vast array of coverage and options.  Meant for cottages that are used throughout the year, are fully updated, and may be of high value and need many different coverage extensions.

Cottage Insurance Questions and Answers

Q.  What are some of the common claims associated with cottage insurance?

A. Vandalism and burglary is often seen with cottages as they are left unattended for long periods of time.  Second to this are fire claims.  This may be related to the fact that many cottages are heated by wood stoves and fireplaces and left unattended.

Q.  Can you insure a cottage with a wood Stove?

A. Yes cottages heated by wood stoves can be insured as long as the stove is WETT certified and operated safely.  For a list of WETT certified professionals click here.

Q. Why is cottage insurance more expensive?
A. Many cottages lack year-round road access or are located far away from a responding fire hall.  This makes it difficult for the fire department to make it in time before the cottage is a total loss in the event of a fire.

Q.  Can you insure islands?

A.  Yes, but they present unique challenges.  Typically a cottage on an island has a higher rebuilding cost as there are additional costs for transporting materials and labour to it.  There can also be higher debris removal costs as well.  Island cottages should receive special treatment.

Q.  Are boat houses insured? 

A.  Yes, boat houses are normally covered under "Coverage B, Other Structures".  They could also require additional attention if they have living quarters.  Consideration must also be given to other detached structures on the property such as cabins, bunk houses and garages.

Q.  Do you need to have house insurance in order to otain cottage insurance?

A.  Although many companies require that you have their home insurance with them before they will consider your cottage we do have companies that will provide stand-alone policies.

Q.  Am I covered if I rent out my cottage?

A.  Many policies do not allow renting and this could cause the denial of a claim.  There are a few insurance providers that will allow renting  for a small period of time.   

Q.  How much land can be insured under my cottage policy?

A.  Many standard carriers will not write cottages with over 20 acreas of land.  In these situations we like to look at hobby farm policies for coverage.

Q.  Is my boat covered under my cottage policy?

A. Although most policies include some form of  coverage for watercraft, it is  usually for very low limits and for very small motors.  You can choose to extend watercraft coverage off your policy for higher limits and larger motors, but a separate marine policy may provide broader coverage at more affordable rates. 


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Cottage Advice

  • Have someone check your cottage when you're not there
  • Turn the water before leaving
  • Have a working fire extinguisher ready
  • Clean up dry grass and debris around porches, decks and floors
  • Create a firebreak around your cottage
  • Install a monitored freeze alarm to alert you to a dangerous drop in the temperature