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  • Intact insurance recently announced the launch of ridesharing insurance for Uber.  The commercial policy came into effect on July 7th and provides protection for all Uber drivers and passengers in Ontario.

    Here is what you need to know:

    1. Policy: The Intact commercial policy provides coverage from the moment drivers make themselves available to accept a ride request, to the moment passengers exit the vehicle.

    2. Coverage:  The commercial policy includes Third Party Liability up to $1 million while the app is in use but no ride has been accepted and $2 million after a ride has been accepted, Standard Accident Benefits and Comprehensive and Collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible (for drivers who hold Comprehensive and Collision coverage on their personal car policy). It does not provide any optional coverages, regardless of what is included on the uber driver’s personal car policy. 

    3. Accident Benefit claims: The Intact commercial policy is intended to provide primary coverage and respond to any claim for standard accident benefits by a rideshare driver in priority to any other policy which they are insured on. The commercial policy does not provide coverage for optional accident benefits.

    4.  Notification:  Uber drivers should still advise their own personal car insurer that they are driving for Uber.

    This is another example on how the insurance industry has stepped up to the plate to provide a needed solution.  Thank you Intact.
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